Samsung note 5 n920v

FRP is a setting to protect your data on your Samsung note 5 n920v smart phone if it could get on the wrong hand. So if you feel worried about losing or stealing data from your mobile phone if you lost it or got stolen, don’t worry you have Factory Reset Protection on your google account sine-in with your mobile device.

The FRP setting is useful and very useful for mobile. How you can enable it?, Well it would be automatically whenever you add any Google account on your android mobile phone.

Factory Reset Protection is simply a security method from Google to make sure that nobody can Factory Reset your phone. This automatic security setting in your Samsung note 5 n920v Android Lollipop and Vanilla android it becomes the Standard. This is a good setting to have but it becomes a problem if you sell, or give your mobile without factory resetting it because the next user can’t use your mobile.

Disabling FRP on your Samsung note 5 n920v is a very simple or automatic process. Whenever you choose to reset data from your Samsung note 5 n920v phone the FRP settings disable automatically but  in some devices, there would be an extra Factory Reset Protection setting or an extra layer of protection to remove. Hence, we are providing complete step by step guide on how to bypass frp on Samsung note 5 n920v.

Samsung note 5 n920v ROM:

Samsung note 5 n920v File Combination File
Samsung note 5 n920v Download File Combination File

How to Bypass FRP Google account Samsung note 5 n920v:

Here we are going to tell you, how you can bypass Factory Reset Protection settings on your Samsung note 5 n920v phones.

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As per new FRP settings on Samsung note 5 n920v Android smartphones or other Samsung note 5 n920v android phones that if you have done factory reset it will lock your phone and it will be usable only with previous google account. So, now you need to Bypass FRP lock to reuse your Samsung note 5 n920v  smartphone with another account.

First, download FRP apk file for Samsung note 5 n920v bypass tool from  source on your pc.

Step 1: Enter your Samsung note 5 n920v Download Mode:

  • Power OFF your Samsung note 5 n920v.
  • Press and hold together Home ButtonVolume Down ButtonPower Button.
  • Now Release all keys Once the WARNING displayed.
  • Now Press the Volume up Key to Continue.

Step 2: Run the Odin Program.



Step 3: Click on “AP” and import the Samsung note 5 n920v Combination ROM.

Step 4: Connect your Samsung note 5 n920v smartphone to your PC.

Step 5: Click on Start button to begin the installation.

Step 6: Unplug your  Samsung note 5 n920v from Laptop once the PASS message Displayed.

Step 7: Power ON your Samsung note 5 n920v

  • SettingsAbout phone.
  • Scroll & Find build number.
  • press 7 times on build number.
  • Developers Options appeared in the previous screen.
  • Press & check USB Debugging.

Install a new stock ROM for your Samsung note 5 n920v. That’s alll, now you have Bypass FRP Google account  on Samsung note 5 n920v.

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