8 Best FRP bypass tools to bypass google account on android

Published on April 28, 2019

Factory Reset Protection is the protection measure which prevents thieves from using stolen android devices. It is programme designed to curb the chances of theft and other fraudulent activities.

Before doing the frp bypass procedure there are few items need to be completed and they are lock screen security, which means you have to remove your fingerprint or pin which allows you to open your phone and then google account removal which states the same but in case of all the google accounts and you should have data or Wi-Fi connection to enable this process, the procedure may differ in specific for Samsung smartphones.

Best FRP bypass tools to bypass google account on android

There are few best frp bypass used to bypass google account on android and among them eight are listed down here:

Samsung Reactivation/FRP Lock Removal

It provides you with online service helping to remove the FRP lock and gets back into the android phone with just few requirements, you need to put the details in required fields to get the unique user ID and password like your model or IMEI of phone but this is an exclusive frp bypass tool which works only with the Samsung smartphones.

Pangu FRP Bypass apk

It comes with a free licence and is used to bypass google & remove frp, it can be used for all the brands available in the market like Micromax, Samsung, Apple etc. you just have to select the talkback option and then use Apex launcher to start the process and then disable the google play services and account manager also you can directly download from the website with free availability option and also works smoothly and requires using an OTG cable with a pen drive or PC.

Google Account Bypass & Flashing Tool

It is developed by the Gadgets Dr and is a recent addition to the frp bypass tools & then you can use this unlock tool to get the google verification also it is very useful to bypass accounts for HTC, Samsung and other smartphones and can be easily downloaded from any website or the official one and then can be installed on your device and further it will give you simple onscreen instructions to unlock the frp whereas the flashing of mobile is required when you want to override stock partition to install another image also you can use it to install new OS using the Gmail bypass apk. 

GSM Flasher Tool

Flashing app which can be used to bypass the frp lock on the phone and download the setup files on PC & then install it and program will work for all the types of OS including Windows and Mac after this reactivate lock removers the software will also allow you to remove pattern locks and after the installation of program you’ll get the authority to bypass google verification by connecting your mobile with the USB cable and then to PC.

Samsung Frp Helper v0.2 Frp Removal Tool

It is developed by Cracking GSM team and is used to bypass frp verification process similar to other removal tools which are needed to get enabled with USB debugging of device & tools can be used to bypass google account in the ADB mode and provides an interactive clean. Its user friendly interface to users and a stable & easy to use the tool with simple GOI also is available for free and comes with a proper guide containing the entire step by step information but it can only be used to unlock Samsung devices.

iSkysoft Toolbox – Unknown

It helps bypassing unknown passcode on android devices and resetting them for a next usage also without loosing the important information or data and by removing all kinds of pins and passwords this software will help in performance of frp bypass on Samsung Galaxy S/Note/Tab series included devices.

It is secure and removes the screen lock without any impact on phone data or breaching of warranty period. The software supports n number of android devices and you can also use the trial version and later upgrade to the full version which sounds extremely compatible.  

Side Sync

It works as a freeware FRP tool which can also acts as an application through which you can share data between your PC and your device it works as a collaborate with Quick Shortcut Maker to download the apk files which are compatible enough. It is a very lengthy process to use these two applications together but the outcome is quite relevant. As both the apps are freeware so there is no wastage of money to bypass the google account in totality.

Remote Google Account Bypass Removal

It is considered as one of the most trusted frp lock removal tool till now. It is basically a Samsung FRP unlock tool and usually removes frp locks from the Samsung or LG phones in general with the usage of a personal computer and also it doesn’t require a factory reset passcode. You just need to get this bypass Google account tool and then connect the mobile device to the computer along with this you will be able to bypass the frp passcode within the span of 10-20 minutes although its not a free application to be used and the price varies according to the country.

The pros of the app are that you don’t need to remember the factory reset passcode and it is mostly compatible with the Samsung and LG mobile phones. 

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