How to Download & install FRP bypass apk

Published on April 24, 2019

Factory Reset Protection or FRP as it is commonly known as is what google incorporated into all its devices recently. It essentially locks the phone and protects it from all the unauthorized users accessing the information and is also used as a protection useful for the personal information some might think that it comes out with a big con which is the frp lock as it seems impossible to unlock due to difficulty to reclaim or reset the google password.

frp bypass app

It is a new feature added with the release of Android Lollipop and works as an advantage as it helps in security user’s private data and comes with a frp bypass apk too just for the lock deactivation.

  • The frp is only active when you have a google account set up on the device and which means that after the reset is completed you will need the username and password for further which creates a lot of difficulty as people tend to forget their passwords.

The application is 100% safe and secure to use you can download it from the official website and it is a straightforward tool which doesn’t requires a separate signup. The licence is free and the language used is English with the operating system requirements of Android 1.5 or above.

When you perform a reset of factory data to your device or in specific android all the settings are returned to its default status and the data is erased including all the files and applications. The frp cant be removed from the device as it is in built and remotely cant be deleted.

Steps to download & install FRP bypass apk

  1. The requirements are android device, a PC, USB drive and an OTG cable
  2. Download an FRP bypass from any link or get it from the official website
  3.  Make sure that the unknown sources are enabled from settings menu to install apk on device before installing
  4. Download the frp bypass apk & transfer to USB drive and then after starting your android device follow the Set Up Wizard instructions until your google password information is prompted
  5. Connect the USB drive to OTG cable and then connect the OTG to the android device
  6. Download and then simply install the apk on the device after the file explorer is prompted on your device which is a sign to begin the download
  7. After the apk is ready to use open and select the option for ‘Back up & reset’ then select the ‘factory data reset’ and at last select ‘erase everything’

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